Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Craft Basket Wednesday: Dress for Baby

Hi-de-ho good neighbors!
How ya all doing this fine Wednesday?

Ok, sorry, just trying to be chipper in spite of all the weird weather out here in Oregon.  1 glorious day, 5 days of rain.  Don't get me wrong, I like rain... I grew up in Seattle.  It is just so rude, really, to have one day where the kids are playing in the sprinklers and the next we have to turn the heater back on.

So what am I up to?  Remember the sweater?  Yeah, forget about it.  Ok, well, don't forget, I just decided to work on it again later.  I really messed up on it and wasn't in the mood to try and tackle it again.  So I found this adorable dress.  The Etsy shop is called Rasmilla and her things are simply beautiful  The patterns are a little costly, but they do have many size differences.  Fo example The one I am doing "Fiona's Top" can be made for sizes 3/6 months all the way to 6 years!  If you repeat the lace pattern you can also make this into a dress.  Which I just love!

I am making mine in blue and red.  I thought about blue and pink, but I just have a feeling that this baby's color is red.  Everything I am making seems to have red in it!  

I did make a mistake last night.  I was not amused, to say the least, as I had been doing so well.  So I have to frog out the last 2 rows and do those over again.  Really, though it isn't too hard of a pattern to do.  I am quite pleased with it.  It isn't too hard but keeps me interested!  Which is always a bonus!

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