Monday, May 3, 2010


Two Christmas ago, Hubby bought me a mug.  He got a lot of flack about it.  Teasing from our friends about his extravagant gift.

Honestly I really liked it.  It was handmade and had this really neat line inside it.  I always poured my coffee to that line and then filled the rest with milk.  It was microwave safe.  I was MY mug.

Now it is dead.

Killed by Hubby's laptop.  Someone dropped the laptop on my mug.  Computer is ok... mug...

Do you see those tears of coffee, lingering on the side?



  1. Awww, I'm sorry!! Was that really two Christmases ago???

  2. That's a bummer -- handmade mugs are really awesome! But, Mother's Day is just around the corner....

  3. ouch!
    that is a tough one!
    and perhaps THE main reason that i never get attached to anything breakable.
    i've seen too many "favorite" things end up in that same sorry state.
    it's time to use what's left and make a sweet tile mosaic...
    and put IT somewhere safe!


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