Wednesday, July 7, 2010


As I sit here pondering why on earth I changed my blog "look" and realizing that I can't change it back because I am to spontaneous when it comes to this kind of thing, my two oldest girls are headed to camp.  This makes me ponder what sort of crazy idiot am I?  Here I am nearly 32 weeks pregnant and my two biggest helpers are going to be 4 hours away.


There they are, my said minions, on the 4th.  I should have made one of them stay home.

Ok, ok, no I am not that mean.  Despite right now, that Buckaroo is sitting in his crib making a big fit because he refuses to take a nap anymore unless he is on some one's lap.  I mean this, literally.  He will be fast asleep on your lap, you pick him up and put him in his bed and before his sweet noggin reaches the pillow he will be screaming at you.  Now, thank goodness, he will sleep at night in his own bed.  But not sure how to get the little bugger angel to take a nap that does not involve my lap.  And to top it all off Hubby works graveyard and has the room right next to Buckaroo.  So we can't let him just "cry it out."

Ah well, the trials of motherhood.

But all in all, despite the back pain of pregnancy and the toddlers who refuse to nap, it is a glorious vocation and one I am thoroughly grateful for, even if my two oldest abandoned me for 4 days.


  1. I don't know how you do it. That many kids. Of course that is my dream. But I still don't know how you do it. Good luck with your little one. Getting them to learn to sleep without crying it out is so hard! I had to do that with my first, and it really was rough. And what a sweet mother you are to let your girls go away for camp.

  2. Oh, I didn't even recognize your blog at first! You threw me off. It's pretty though different. (I miss the pictures of ya'll all everywhere.)

    I played with my blog forEVER and so many times tried getting the old one back but couldn't. I think I got all those blog changes out of my system. LOL

    Say hey, did you get the postcard I sent you? I mean to send it way, way earlier, and thought I did. But then we moved, and I found it on my desk. *face palm* Oops.

    Sorry you're feeling helper-less! I know how much help the older kid can be. But it's sweet of you to let them go and have their fun, too.

    Praying for strength and endurance for ya.


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