Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby Dress ~ Done!

I finished it!  

I am so happy with it, I think little Sweetpea is going to come from the hospital in it.  I am trying to make up a hat I envisioned to go with it, and I would love to make a little pair of booties, but I know I don't have enough of my Felici Alexandrite yarn left and Knit Picks doesn't carry it anymore.  No one on Ravelry wants to share theirs either, lol.  I better check eBay.  

But not sure I have enough time!!!


  1. Adorable dress! She will look so sweet coming home in it.

  2. SO cute! I might order one from you for my baby girl - :) like you don't have enough to do already

  3. Thank you all! I have it all washed and in my suitcase for the hospital. Bummed I didn't have enough for little socks, but I did make a matching hat!


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