Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We had hoped to go on our annual pumpkin patching trip last Sunday with friends but the weather here has been, shall we say, a tad damp.  So we kept putting it off, until last Thursday.  I said. "That is it!  We have to go today.  Halloween is on Sunday and we have no pumpkins!"

So off into the rain we headed...

We had wanted to check out another local farm we recently heard about, but decided to go to the one that is only a few minutes from our house.  We not only bought pumpkins but locally grown honey crisp apples and homemade salt water taffy.

Sigh, I love autumn.

Everyone had a great time, despite the rain.  Even Hubby and I, thanks to the advice of a dear friend, were able to enjoy the trip while hugging warm cups of coffee.  I had an egg nog latte, even though Jessica suggested pumpkin... I just had to try it.  Not only did it keep me warm, but it was quite tasty!!!

Buttercup made Lily do it, she was too nervous!

Others were happy to watch from their stroller and not get to close

So while we sipped and cuddled our coffees the kids fed animals, ran through muddy mazes, and played with water pumps.

I love this picture of Daisy!  She is growing so fast, sniffle.

Rose modeling her new coat or getting tired of me pointing the camera at her

He was moving so fast, most of the pictures came out looking like this:

Have I mentioned I love autumn?  Oh yeah, earlier in the post.  Anyway, despite the rain it was simply gorgeous.  I did grow up in the Seattle area, so I have an appreciation for rain that not many share.

The sunflowers sure didn't.

One of the rules of pumpkin patching have always been that if you can carry it you can get it.

Next year, thanks to Daisy's 50 lbs pumpkin, this rule might have to change.

And just so you know, Sweet Pea was indeed sweet.  She slept through the whole wet ordeal!

And today... we must CARVE!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the next day was all blue skies and lovely.

Of course.

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  1. I also grew up in the Seattle area (Bainbridge Island, to be specific) so I appreciate rain like no one I know, too. ;)
    Your family is so handsome and beautiful. Our children do grow up too fast.
    God bless!


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