Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You see that guy?  That little stuffed monkey or bear or whatever was a gift to me from my daddy when I was just 7 or eight (you know a million years ago).  I found it recently in a box in our storage shed.  I brought him home and Buttercup has adopted him.

He sleeps with her, he goes with her where ever she is, dangling from him nearly removed arm.  I really ought to fix that.

I can't quite explain why this gives me so much joy.  I will never forget when my daddy gave it to me.  I remember the card even, and I don't often remember much of my childhood.  The card read Happy Birthday Amy, from Egbert (named after one of the first kings of England).  Now you all understand where my anglophilism (probably not a word, but oh well) comes from.

I loved this little monkey-bear so much!!  And I can't express how much my heart just skips when I see Buttercup hug this little guy just as tightly as I once did.

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