Monday, November 22, 2010

Tidal Wave

I had another visit with my chiropractor today and I am slowly getting better.  A week ago I left his office in a wheelchair and today I could take a few steps without my cane... tonight however I am very, very sore.

This led to way too much time on my hands and a laptop propped up so I can see it while lying down.  I have hope for tomorrow being more in the living room with my family where I wish I was right now.

Anyway, I have spent way too much time scouring the internet tonight and got delightfully lost on Melissa Wiley's blog Here in the Bonny Glen.  I read every article on her homeschooling philosophy, which she coined "Tidal Homeschooling."  It is a sort of collage of Charlotte Mason and unschooling.  Like her, I am uncomfortable with full on unschooling, but love the concept of nurturing a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

 It is sad to say, but I know honestly, that I learned more history outside the classroom.  Here is a little trail that started when I was between my sophomore and junior years in high school.  I watched the movie Lady Jane.  I couldn't figure out how Edward VI died.  I pulled out my encyclopedias (this was before the internet, you know ancient history) and it didn't say. It did say see also Henry VIII.  So I looked him up, it said nothing about Edward VI.  So I looked through the other Henrys.  I  was interested in Henry V.  I wondered if there were movies about him.  Discovered Laurence Oliver's Henry V.  Then found Kenneth Branagh's Henry V.  Became obsessed.  Wish I had a poster for my wall and locker at school. Bought copy of KB's version.  Made my friend's watch it.  Wrote senior project paper about Henry V.  Went to college wrote research project on his wife Catherine de Valois.  Later in life wrote a story (over 100,000 words) based on her life...

None of this came from a textbook, but started from a movie that sparked a curiosity.  From that curiosity I became quite knowledgeable about certain historical aspects and kept learning.

So these ideas truly resonated with me.  I especially loved Melissa's rule of 6:

Six Things to Include in Your Child's Day:

• meaningful work
• imaginative play
• good books
• beauty (art, music, nature)
• ideas to ponder and discuss
• prayer

A Lilting House post explaining the Rule of Six:

Whence It Came

It really made me wonder if that is truly what I am doing with my kids.  The last year and half have been very difficult  for us on the homeschooling front.  Burnout was catastrophic.  But tonight I found my older girls sitting on my bed and talking about these concepts, that Melissa had sparked within me. It donned on us that we had been fighting too hard to do some in a box curriculum when all along we were more in line with this concept of Tidal Homeschooling.

It gave me much to think about.  

One great like that Melissa gave on one of her pages was from Sandra Dodd's webpage (I have only read two things from there tonight, but am looking forward to reading more) on boredom.  Yeah, that really kicked me in the hiney.  And this link will help us through these frosty months!

All I know is that it is time we started loving to learn more and a little less time worrying.  


  1. Okay, this was a great post so I feel a little funny making this comment, but...we have the same kitchen drapes! :) Isn't that such a bizarro thing to notice? Yep. I'm that weird. lol!

    Getting back on topic...I've been feeling the same way with our school in a box curriculum. *sigh* I'm not sure what to do about it. I just keep praying. I hate to change mid stream, you know? Oh, and I love Melissa and Here in the Bonny Glen blog. I'm going to have to go back and read those posts again.

  2. lol! Those drapes aren't actually up anymore. I inherited some lovely lace curtains with bees on them. They hang up in the kitchen and living room now.

    Every time we do a box we stop... it is not good and the kids get frustrated. So I am saying no more! lol

  3. When I first started to read this post, I had a sinking feeling - another "I'm not being a good homeschool mom because I don't do this" feeling - but THEN I went and read the post on "Whence It Came" and wahoo - I feel good :) We do that without even realizing it. Those 6 things are a part of our everyday life, yay! ;)Thanks for putting the links in or I might have had to reorder my day. haha


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