Friday, December 17, 2010

F.O.'s Baby!

 I am feeling so pro right now, you would not believe.  I have actually finished some objects de knit that have been sitting in my yarn basket and finished some Christmas gifts.

There is nothing like it!

Here is my blanket (ok Sweet Pea's blanket):

The colors didn't come out quite right in the photos, but you can see them better in my last post

Now this was originally supposed to be for Rogue.  But it took me so long he grew out of it before I could finish the sleeves.  Soooo... I pulled out some of the bottom, making it a tad shorter, and did the sleeves.  A sweater for Buckaroo:

I didn't really care for this shade of the yarn.  I have used this kind many times, but this one makes it look like it has dirty spots.  Blech.

Oh and remember my fairy?  I finished her face, sewed in her wings and voila!


Sigh, Christmas is coming together now.  How about you?  Are you ready?


  1. Your projects are darling, Amy! Your children will love them!

    And I know that feeling of finishing things up! It's great, isn't it? I only knit one this for Christmas this year, and it is done. So nice. Also, I have finished up some other projects. The knitting bag is getting lighter ~ yay!!

  2. You have got some mad skills! That fairy is to die for! I cannot get over how adorable it is. And the feeling of relief knowing that most of Christmas is finished is unbeatable. :)


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