Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Did Sew!

 Many, many months ago I purchased some fabric and did a very poor job of cutting out squares.  I put them into a bag and left them in my knitting basket.

After the bliss of finishing my other projects in my basket the last two days I decided to further feed the bliss and break these squares out.  I proceeded to sew them all together, in a very not very neat way.  Did I mention how badly I did on cutting the squares out?

I ironed all the little squares out and broke out the backing I got.  About a month ago, someone spilled coffee on my yarn basket (it wasn't me, believe it or not).  So when I broke out the backing I had for the quilt I was sad to see that it was permanently stained.  I tried to wash the coffee out, but it didn't work.

I had bought this adorable little birdie fabric with the intentions of making something for my little ones but instead used about half of it for the backing.  I like it better then what I was going to use!

Try not to notice the squares not lining up, ok?

For the inside I used an old ugly baby blanket I had.  I trimmed it to fit and stuffed it inside.  I sewed it in place along the edge with a zig zag stitch.  I also used some little yarn ties throughout to keep it in place.

Ok, I hope I didn't bore you with the tale of my very first** and not very good quilt.  It was fun though, and I learned a lot. Maybe this sewing thing isn't so bad after all?

**Oh wait!  I forgot, I did make another baby quilt about 15 years ago.  There was a reason I forgot about it...


  1. this is very cute!! I am also terrible about cutting squares. I think I need a rotary cutter and such.

  2. I love EVERYTHING you have completed. Your little fairy is adorable and your quilt is so cute. I really want a new sewing machine and I have kinda asked for one for Christmas, but I am thinking I will be saving up for one in the new year. But..I LOVE what you created...EACH ONE!!

  3. Yay! I officially found you again! (Reader has finally picked up your blog. It took them long enough!) I think that quilt is absolutely darling, and I am in love with the little birdy backing. Now I want to go out and find some fabric like that for myself! Beautiful!

  4. Dear Amy,
    I am glad you let us know you are moving I would hate to miss you.
    Love the little quilt though

  5. I don't mind it that you move about often . . . as long as you let me follow. I love your crafts! This blanket is adorable in its wonkiness. Who cares that the squares aren't matched up? It's a wonderful quilt. I love love love that birdie fabric, too. Good job!
    Mele Kalikimaka and may of God's richest blessings to you and yours this Christmas!


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