Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Christmas List

 This year will not be 100% handmade like last year.  I hate to admit but it almost killed me.

Of course it will be pretty close!

I won't share with you any of the things that I am planning for the big kids, since they tend to read things on this blog just when I think they won't!

For Buckaroo
There will be handmade hats for all!  During my bed rest (I am doing much better, I am still not able to do everything I would like to... you know, like bed over, but hey, at least I can go to mass and visit with friends) I worked a lot on my hat patterns.  So new Rogue caps for the boys.  You have even seen Rogue and Buckaroo's new hats:

For Rogue
I am also hoping to whip out some matching Rosalie caps for Buttercup and Sweet Pea.  I am going to do the main blue color you see in Buckaroo's cap with red roses.  I made one of these up for a friend and it was adorable!

Our Lady of Fatima and Saint Dominic discussing the joys of praying the Rosary in the turret of the princess castle
There will be plenty of wooden dolls to go with their Melissa and Doug Princess Castle, Wooden Castle, and Barn.  These toys have been one of the best purchases we have made!  I can't tell you how many hours of joy the little ones have had with these!

Sweet Pea will be getting this fairy doll, which isn't finished yet

Phoebe's SweaterButtercup will be getting a certain mouse I am knitting from this little book.

There will be a buddy to go with Harry for Rogue.

I am also hoping to make a doll for Buckaroo too.  Not sure which saint it will be yet!

And Rogue, Buttercup, and Buckaroo will each get a crown too!

I am also hoping to get some great books and art supplies for ALL the kids.

Well, better stop blogging and getting to work...  Only 21 days till Christmas!

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