Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yarn Along ~ December 22, 2010

For this week's yarn along I am sharing with you a hat I am making up as I go.  It is for Hubby in merino wool.  Very soft!  It is a simple cable repeat.  Not sure how happy I am with it.  We will see.  I would really like for once to make Hubby something decent, lol.

As for reading, I have picked up a copy of Outlander from the library after seeing it on so many blogs the other week.  But I have had little time for reading more than kid's books!  So here are just two of our favorites that we will be reading these days leading up to Christmas, The Crippled Lamb and Room for a Little One ... can you believe it is only 3 days away???

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  1. i have the gabaldon series but am waiting to read them. not sure what i'm waiting for but i like to dream that at some point in the near future i'll have time to sit down and immerse myself in them!

    i'm sure your hubby will love his hat!

  2. Oh, Outlander! I'm on my 2nd reading since discovering them. Very racy, esp. the first, but they have so many other redeeming qualities!

  3. Okay... I think I am finally ready to learn how to knit or crochet. ;) Perhaps sometime over Christmas break you can come over for coffee/tea one evening and you could teach me. Pretty please! Someday I would especially love to be able to make your saint dolls.

  4. I would LOVE to! Call me and we will plan it!

  5. Love the blue color of your hat. I hope it turns out! I have yet to make anything for my husband, but I would like to ... It just has to be very masculine, you know? A hat would be good. Maybe a scarf?? 2011 will be the year ~ lol! I have only been reading Christmas books, too, lately, which is fine. I love them, too =)

  6. Pretty yarn, really pretty. And we love The Crippled Lamb as we have our own Joshua (who is not so little any more). Merry Christmas!


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