Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yarn Along ~ December 29, 2010

I know there is no official yarn Along this week, but it is too late.  I already took the picture, so there.

The yarn looks very very red, I think it was the lighting and me trying to fix it, ok, I know that is why.  I finished Hubby's hat last night and was not all that happy with it.  He seems to like  it, but he loves me.

The new project is a vest.  I downloaded the pattern months ago thinking I would make matching yet different vests for the 4 youngest kids.  It is called the Milo.  It is terribly cute and Lily and I seem to be all about the cables here lately.

The book is called Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel.  I am only through chapter 2 and I am not sure exactly how I feel about it.  It challenges me and that is good no?  Poor Outlander got pushed aside.  I seem to be reading a lot of non-fiction lately, which is not like me.  Non-fiction and knitting magazines, lol.  I found Kimmel's book as I was leaving the library the other day.  PIcked it up on a whim, but I do like it.

This part really got me: 

"There is one person who, if you handed him a piece of paper and a pen, would be able to write out all the answers to the three driving inner needs (of your children) perfectly.  His name is...
Satan." (page 24)

Oh crust.  He hit that nail on the head, huh?  Anyway, it made me think.  The book has challenged me and some of my thoughts on parenting, though I think (so far) he is right.  The idea to love your children as God loves us is simply and quite perfect.

So there you go, my yarn along that wasn't official, but here all the same!  There aren't anymore at Ginny's blog, but you can go over there and see what her baby is!  Congrats Ginny and family!!

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