Monday, January 31, 2011

Hiking The Trail

Don't notice that little boo boo on her hat there.  I have since fixed it, so it doesn't really exist.
A week ago, tired of the winter doldrums, we decided to take advantage of the blue sky and headed to a local "mountain" for hike!  Since I was carrying Sweet Pea, I handed the camera to Lily and she went wild!

We had a lovely hike guide who I will refer to as Ranger Rogue.

We didn't know what to expect as far as the weather, but it turned out to be such a lovely day!

Also, it was a great opportunity to see the valley we live in wearing it's winter coat.  We are looking forward to heading up again this spring to see all the pear trees in bloom!

Tracing the letters... handwriting even on a hike!  Homeschooling at its best!
Almost to the top is a small little park and we were able to stop there and eat lunch.

On the way down, some little ones got a bit tired...

It really was fun!  We all came home rosy cheeked and ready for spring!

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