Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Pattern!! Child's Lacy Head Scarf

 A few years ago my mother in law made a lovely head scarf for my daughter.  It was so adorable and looked so precious on her.  It was perfect for her to wear to mass as a chapel veil as well!

The other day I talked her into writing the pattern down!  So now she has asked me to share it with all of you!

© 2011 by Anita Velho

Fits about an average size little girl.  

You will need:
Size 7 crochet hook
Size 10 crochet thread
        White, red, pink, light purple, blue and med. Green

Row 1: White thread, ch 145, sc in 8th chain from hook, ch 5, skip 3 ch, sc in next sp, across, turn.   35 ch 5 spaces

Row 2: slide to center of first ch 5 space. Ch 5, sc in center of next loop across, turn.  34 ch 5 spaces

Row 3: slide to center of first ch 5 space.  Ch 5, sc in center of next loop, across, turn.  33 ch 5 spaces

Row 4-35:  continue as above, decreasing 1 loop every row, creating a triangle having 1 loop at the bottom.  Fasten off.


 Row 1: attach white thread in first loop.  Ch 3, 3 dc in first loop. 4 dc in the next loop around with 8 dc in each corner.

Row 2: ch 3, dc in each dc across top.  On both sides, shell stitch (6 tc with ch 1 between each tc), skip 3 dc and sc in  4th stitch, skip 3 dc and shell in next stitch.

Row 3: sc in each dc across top.  Continue on each side with ch 3, sc in each ch 1 space of shell.   Fasten off.

Ties (make 2)

ch 80, dc in each ch across.  Sew to the top of scarf on each side.


Red, pink, purple, blue.  Make 2 of each color.

Ch 25, loosly.  Sc in 2nd ch from hook,  (1 dc, 2 tc, 1 dc) in next ch stitch, sc in next ch stitch.  Continue though chain leaving  6 inches of thread.  Fasten off.

Next roll the chain into a rose shape and sew the bottom to hold shape.


Med. Green.  Make 1 for every rose.  Ch 15, dc in 4th ch and in each ch across.  Fasten off

Place rose over leaf and sew in place at the top of scarf.


  1. Absolutely adorable, and what beautiful models you have as well. Please thank your grandmother for sharing her pattern.

  2. So cute, very pretty. Little girl is very sweet too!


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