Sunday, March 13, 2011

12 Years

March 13th is the day that at 2:45 am I gave birth to my Daisy.  She was such a sweet natured little baby.  I can remember holding her and being able to read and eat all at the same time!
I can hardly believe she is 12.  A dozen years.  You know, don't you?  That denial that they are all growing up.  Where did the time go?

Have I made good memories for her?  Soon she will be a teenager.

There will be make-up, cell phones, and... gulp, boys.

Daisy already longs to be 13 and I don't know how to make her slow down, enjoy these precious moments of childhood before they are all gone. She is a lot like me, I am afraid.


A daydreamer

A romantic

And a bit silly.

She has had a hard year, facing all sorts of new challenges.  But she has been amazingly brave.  So brave that I can only be in awe of her.

Happy birthday my little princess.  Slow down, ok?  You will always be my little girl, but let's enjoy these precious years.

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