Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Crochet ~ Yes You Can!

I have been playing with yarn for about 7 years now.  I attempted to learn to knit when I was a very wee thing but I lacked the patience.  In fact, I still lack a lot of patience!  I have been doing crochet for 7 years and knitting for almost 5 years.  I tend to make a lot of small projects, like baby clothes and toys (due to the aforementioned lack of patience!).
Today I am going to try and teach you the most basic crochet stitch there is:
the single crochet stitch (sc).
With this you can make headbands, potholders, scarves, washcloths, and yes, even a baby blanket!
Here is what you need:

  • Some worsted weight yarn (you can use a nice cotton yarn and make a washcloth or an inexpensive yarn to start and make anything you want!)
  • A size G crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
A square is a great place to start.  You can do anything with this.  You can make a washcloth if you sue cotton yarn for your kitchen or bathroom.  Or you can make several squares and make a blanket.
First you have to make a slip-stitch.  This is the beginning of any crochet (or knit) project.  Since this is easier to show you than to try and explain, I had my thirteen year old daughter make a little video to show you:

Now you will make a chain.

chain 1

Loop yarn over your hook and pull through the last stitch.  Repeat until you have about 30 stitches.
chain 2

Now you are going to start working back through the chains you just made.
sc 1

Slip your hook through the second stitch from hook.  Snag the yarn and pull through the stitch.

You should now have 2 strands on your hook.  Snag the yarn again and pull it through these two strands.  You just did it.  You made a single crochet stitch!
sc 3

Repeat this until you get to the end of your chain (this should be 29 stitches).
sc 4

When you have made your last sc make another chain stitch and turn.
sc 5

Now these stitches will look different from your chain row.  Instead of slipping through one strand of yarn you are going to slip your hook through two stitches that reside on the top of your sc row.  They look kind of like a little "v."
sc 7

Slip your hook under the first little "v" next to your hook.  Snag the live yarn, pull through.  You know have two stitches on your hook.  Snag the yarn again and pull through two loops.
sc 8

Do this several more times until you have a total of 30 more rows.  Now you need to cut your yarn.
With hook still in your live stitch, snag the yarn you just cut and pull it all the way through the loop, making a knot.
sc 9

Take new tail and thread onto yarn needle.  Weave needle through a few of the last stitches made and pull through.  Cut excess yarn.
Voila!  A single crochet square.  Imagine the possibilities!  How about that baby blanket?  Make some more (try different colors!) and sew them together.
This is only a beginning to some great possibilities.  Start small and do not overwhelm yourself.  There are so many great places to find inspiration, like Ravelry (my username is knt2gthr).  Ravelry is a great community of crochet and knitting fanatics, from beginners to experts.  It is full of free patterns and groups that can offer you tons of help.  Most yarn addicts LOVE talking their craft and would more than love to help you in any way they can!
Good luck and don't give up!  The possibilities truly are as vast as your imagination.  The most important thing is to have fun!

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