Monday, March 28, 2011

Not Too Big a Snob (2KCBWDAY1)

I never thought that when I started knitting and crocheting that I would develop a snobbery regarding what yarn I would use.  As most first timers that idea of different kinds of yarn was just as confusing as yarn weight, yarn lengths, and I recall asking what on earth was a skein o some other yarn crafter.

So here is my confession.  I am a yarn snob.  I have grown to understand the difference between acrylic, wool, alpaca, and sweet, sweet merino.

I use acrylic yarn.  I admit it.  I am not so much a snob that I won't thought the stuff, but there is really only one brand of acrylic I will use.  I crochet very tightly.  I think it all started when I began making dolls.  At first they were rather odd and I realized the tighter I corcheted the better the doll looked.  As I crocheted tighter, however, yarn began to squeak.

Have you ever heard yarn squeak?

It really is a terrible sound.  Like fingernails on a blackboard or two patent leather shoes rubbing together.

Let me say this, before I go on, I have not been paid or promised copious amounts of yarn for saying this, but the only acrylic I use is Vanna's Choice.  Does it squeak?  Yeah, but not as bad as some!  It works really well for the dolls I make.  I also firmly believe in making toys in yarn that is machine washable.  Kids love their toys and sometimes even get sick on their toys.  I have never been brave enough to make any of my kids a toy in something that I could not just toss in the washing machine after a flu bug caused them to, pardon the expression, toss their cookies, all over their bed.

So back to the yarn.  You see, I am also cheap.  I am not as cheap as I used to be... but, still cheap.  So one way to avoid the squeak is to use a blend.  I have used Encore's Plymouth.  It is a nice blend and I can get it at a relatively good price at my lys.

So when it comes to yarn, I have my loves and my not so loves.  I can't say I have never met a yarn I didn't like.  But, even if , like me, you suffer from a bit of yarn snobbery there are ways around the cost and, most importantly, the squeak.

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