Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Shame! (2KCBWDAY3)

The horror.  The shame.
I am not a very good stasher.  And today I will share with you...
This is my knitting basket in the living room.  I store most of my circular knitting needles in there, along with a few skeins of yarn and some forgotten projects.
And this... this is the corner of my bedroom.  Oh man, does that look bad.
Let's break it down.  Here is the basket of little yarn leftovers.  Small little balls of not much.
Underneath that is a basket full of various yarns.  Mostly some acrylics I inherited.  Oh and a doll I started to make once from a pattern... but I got bored and stuffed it in there.
This is the basket i usually tote around with me.  But it has since become so full since I started too many projects.  So now it is sitting in my room, where I am pretending it doesn't exisit.
This is, believe it or not, a drawer in my dresser.  That is where I tend to hide, uh, I mean store, my better yarns.
Ok, I am now going to go splash my face with cool water and have a lay down.

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