Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Way We Were (2KCBWDAY2)

If you haven't guessed yet, I am taking part in the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week over at Eskmimi Knits.  The assignment for the day is to look over the past year and see how far you have come.  I think I have to admit I didn't challenge myself much this past year.  If I were to describe this year it would be more in the lines of honing my skills.

There is one thing that I have been working on that I would qualify as a challenge.  I have been steadily working on trying to work my crochet doll patterns into knit.  I have had a lot of people request knit versions, so I have off and on tried to see if I could create a pattern that I am happy with.  The last attempt I was pretty happy with.

It was my fairy doll made for Sweet Pea for Christmas.

She isn't quite done in that picture, but I do love how Sweet Pea is yanking on her hair.

Wow, now that I look back I also try my hand at a little bit of lace work, one thing that has scared me quite a bit in the past.  Here is another little thing I made for Sweet Pea:

I completely LOVED making this dress (once I got the hang of it, lol).  It is called Fiona's Top by Sanne Bjerregaard.  She has some amazing patterns.  And a lot of them for babies and adults too!

The last ting I can think of as far as challenging myself goes is expanding my doll pattern collections.  I have really enjoyed crocheting up these new ones and am happy with some of the changes I have made to my pattern.

Well, I guess that isn't too bad, after all!!  I know what my challenge is for the year to come.  I need to start making bigger things!!  As you can see, I have a penchant for small creations.  I admit, I am one of those crafters that likes gratification.  I am not patient.
So right now I am working on two things that, for me, are challenges!  A pair or unmentionables for Rose and a pair of socks.  I have only ever made one PAIR or socks before.  And they were... not so good.  That was when I learned I as knitting backwards!  Good times, good times.
So how about you?  What are your challenges for the upcoming year?

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