Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trip to the Old Schoolhouse

Last fall (I can't believe I didn't share this with you all!!) we got a great and rare opportunity.  We got to go back in time.

No I have not been watching too much Doctor Who (ok, well maybe).  A dear friend, who has now gone out on the road, elm, set up a trip to an old schoolhouse.  It was such an incredible opportunity and even though it was a 2 hour drive away, it was well worth it!!

We were to be outside the schoolhouse promptly to wait for the teacher to ring the bell.
We were then placed in two lines (boys and girls, of course) according to height.  We all filed in and sat down, ready to start out lessons.
Our day was neatly lined out for us:
After our flag salute we had a lesson on bowing and the proper curtsy.
And I mean, all of us...
After our inspirational thought, our teacher, Miss Barry, went around and did a check on all our fingernails.
The best part, which I have no pictures of, sigh, was when Miss. Barry came to Daisy.  Daisy, at the time, had long fingernails.  Too long.  When Miss Barry saw those nails Daisy was in a heap of trouble.  Lashings were called for.  She of course, did not get real lashings, but it had to be explained that anyone who had long fingernails was obviously not doing their chores at home!
To make up for her long fingernails, Daisy agreed to stand before the class and do the recitation from our readers.
She did a very good job and was forgiven for her laziness.
There was much fun during our spelling lesson, because we got to play with our slates!  Here is Mrs. elm's:
The kids worked so hard, looked at those sweet faces:

Later they got to write with the quills, which was a huge hit!
She gave us a lovely presentation afterwards, telling us all about the original schoolhouse.
The we got to mill around and take lots of pictures, which you know I was more than willing to do.  I think that poor Miss Barry never had so many flashes in her face before!
To this day, my kids still talk about this trip to the schoolhouse.  Even little Buttercup will wax poetic about how wonderful a day it was!
We can never thank elm enough for such a wonderful opportunity.  I mean, how many friends take you back in time?

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