Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage Baby Pattern and Alice in Wonderland

The other day I thought I would try and make a baby dress. Nope, not knit or crochet but sew. So I headed down to JoAnns and started browsing the patterns.

Of course, I didn't like anything in my ability range, but I did find one I liked! It was Simplicity 2392, a vintage 1950's baby dress.

I am so lucky to have a seamstress in my home at times like these! So I bought the pattern and brought it home to her. And she made this adorable dress for Sweet Pea!

Look how serious she is, she would not crack a smile for anything!!

A few years ago I bought a costume pattern, an Alice in Wonderland kind of number.  I was hoping someday to try it, but again it was out of my skill level.  So I handed to Vava (in Portuguese grandma is Ava, so we call her Vava) the pattern (McCalls M4567) and this sweet little yellow fabric I bought online (somewhere, I don't remember where!).  We decided to make it a little big for Buttercup, since she is a bit between sizes.  And here she is!

I think we should make an apron too.  It is really adorable!  Oh and by we, I basically mean she should do it.  She is so much better than I am that it seems almost a waste of money, tie and fabric for me to try!  I did not think it needed to be a costume, it was perfect!

Sigh, I really need to learn to sew!

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