Friday, April 1, 2011

As the Yarn Turns (2KCBWDAY5)

He was the one all the girls loved.  His color, his strength.  He was a workhorse and watching him work, breaking out in squeaks, always made the girls giggle.
Yet, Sage wanted more.  He knew there was more to life than squeak.  He tried dating other girls like him...
but something was missing.
Then he saw her...
Her curves, her swirls, her sweet soft merino goodness... he couldn't keep his eyes off her.
Queen Anne's friends told her he was no good for her.  What kind of future could they possibly have?
Their love was too great.  Too powerful.  It didn't matter if he was from the wrong side of the tracks and she was royalty.  Their love was destined, written in the stars.
The more they fought their love the harder it was for them to stay away.
Soon, it didn't matter anymore what the others were whispering behind their backs.  Was love so simple a gift that it could be ignored?  Thrown away like yesterday's garbage?
Sage, throwing away all his fears, fell to his knees, um to his label, and asked sweet Queen Anne to be his bride.
They were wed, their life together before them.  Unknown but theirs to share.
Love is never easy.  It is a temptress and a redemptress.  It can save you from the darkest of days helping you soar into the clouds.  An uncertain future means nothing when love is your guide.

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