Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yarn Along~ April 20, 2011

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So this week, has been a bit crazy... ok, most weeks around here are crazy.  This week however, I am trying to finish up some much needed spring cleaning.  This included painting the entryway I started cleaning last year when I fell and hurt my ankle, really bad!

So there has not been much reading.  I have been reading this delightful book, Small Steps for Catholic Moms that a dear friend gave me for my birthday last month.  I am truly loving it and getting much inspiration, which I need!!  And I thought I would have more time for Turn off Your TV Week.  Humpf.

See that blue?  If you have been here before for a Yarn Along, you might recognize it.  It was going to be a pair of Unmentionables for Rose.  Well, I frogged it.  I am now making this sweater for her.  It is still a big project but not as big.  Trying to remember baby steps... baby steps.


  1. Sorry you decided to frog the unmentionables, but that color will make a lovely sweater.

  2. I can't believe I forgot to link the patterns in the post! i think the sweater will be more practical anyway. But those unmentionables are still in my queue!

  3. That blue will make a fantastic sweater. Bummer about the frogging but you seem happier with this project!

  4. That is a great little book, isn't it? That yarn is so pretty.


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