Thursday, May 26, 2011



I have had a wee bit of trouble with my asthma this morning, so I thought I would head outside and wander around a bit trying to fill my sad lungs with some fresh air.


I was amazed at all the little things that are just beginning to grow.  The weather here was been very wet and cool.  So I was really surprised to see how well our garden is doing.



I have to admit I like the flowers best.  Ok, maybe not.  I really love the fresh veggies, but I also love enjoying the blooms as I walk about our backyard.




Ah, but fresh lettuce....


We have several grape vines that my husband's father planted years and years ago.  They are really very beautiful!  Here are some future grapes.  The kids run back and forth all summer popping grapes happily into their mouths all warm and juicy from the sun.


Blueberries.  Sigh... fresh blueberries...


One of my father in law's other great garden treats is this old apple tree.  It is amazing.  He and my husband grafted limbs from other trees on to this one!  It is also strong enough to hold some happy kids on its branches.

You see those tiny lumps?  Sorry, couldn't think of a better word!  Soon they will be apple pies, tarts, crisps...

I wish I was better at gardening.  I am lucky to have those around me that not only like it but are good at it!  Hubby and I are hoping to spend some time out there this weekend (I don't think he knows yet, lol) making something like this awesomely cool kiddie kitchen.  At least, I hope too!

In the mean time, I will be sitting here thinking about Candide in his garden and focusing on the tending of all that is growing around here.

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