Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yarn Along ~ May 25, 2011

For more yarn along's visit the very expectant Ginny at Small Things


Forgive me, I don't get to read anymore.  I pick up a book I start to read it, I get really into it, excited about it even... and then I have no time to read, so a few day pass... and then I can't find the book.  Most likely because someone else in the house heard me say how much I liked it and decided to read it too and then couldn't remember where they put it.

Or I lost it.

So I would be reading Sense and Sensibility... if I could find it.

As for my playing with yarn, I have found a few spare moments while we are all sitting down to movies or Doctor Who in the evenings to knit some of the dress I am making for Sweet Pea.  I am using the yanr I won at the giveaway at Jen's.  Can I tell you how much I love this yarn?  Oh yeah!

On a side note... I dropped my cake.  At least I didn't toss my cookies, but I totally dropped my cake, right on the oven door.  I thought about getting angry at the lovely ladies at  Like Mother, Like Daughter, since they made me want to make the cake in the first place.  I should have known better when I couldn't find the bundt pan.  I don't need cake... I just wanted cake.  But how could I?


It was still good...  As Rose said, at least I knew I greased the pan enough.


  1. aaaw poor cake! :D but it doesn't matter how it looks and if it's broken - it's the taste that counts :) ...lovely yarn! good luck with your project!

  2. Broken cake is still cake...eat and enjoy!
    At least you know that once the children grow, books will still be there [somewhere]waiting on you.

  3. I love your yarn too! So sad that the cake was dropped but it can still be a tasty treat :)

  4. Poor Poor cake... but yay to knitting and Dr Who! That is one of my fave times to knit too! The yarn is great, can't wait to see the finished project!

  5. So cool to find other people who knit to Doctor Who. ;)

  6. Ooo! Can I help you eat that cake?! We have a 5 second rule in this house, so even if it did hit the floor, if you pick it up quick enough it's still good. lol ;)

    I wanted to make that cake too, AND the one Charlotte just made. It's probably because I'm trying to lose weight and everything on the internet looks so yummy.

    btw, I love that yarn, too. *sigh* I wish we lived closer and you could give me a few lessons. I'd love to knit a cute dress. Someday....I hope.

  7. Thank you all for you kind words about my cake and my knitting, lol. It really was tasty! Kelly, I wish you lived closer too. It would be so nice to sit around and knit while the kids run and play!

  8. Oh and Doctor Who.. Sigh, why do I love you so?


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