Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Forget Bear!


So today I decided I was going to make Bear some pants.  He needs some clothes, so I started searching and found this incredible tutorial on MADE.  And, hey!  It is celebrate the summer boy month, too!  What timing!

The tutorial was really quite simple and I couldn't believe how fast it went!


I had an old skirt (didn't think about taking a picture of it, sorry) that had a rip in the back.  So I sacrificed them for this project.  The front had some decorative seaming so I made sure those were the front of his pants.


They are a little big, but all in all I think they came out cute.


Of course, the only way I could get him to really let me take his picture was to chase his big brother around the yard.


The pants were so fast, I already started another pair! I can't finish them though... I ran out of elastic. I am out of milk... so I could stop and pick some up... hmmm.

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  1. I just discovered all those 'Celebrate the Boy' posts, and I'm hooked!!! What a great idea, and they have some amazing projects =) Did you see the one for the little pouches for little boys to put their collectables in?? I want to make some of those!


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