Thursday, August 18, 2011

8 Things I Have Learned While Shutting Up

Last week I aggravated my TMJ.  This happens, usually when I am pregnant for some reason.  I think it has something to do with my joints being looser, or some such thing.  Anyway I have been dealing with this condition for about 12 years after a not so good wisdom tooth removal.

I woke up one morning last week and was just in, plain and simple, pain.  The more I talked the more pain I was in. I visited my chiropractor who has a therapy masseuse.  The masseuse gave my jaw a massage (oh goodness it was bad at first but by then in the end I thought I might name this baby I am carrying after her) and then my chiropractor popped it back into place.  I was given instructions to NOT TALK.

So in the last few days I have done very little talking.  Amazing what that can do.  And boy did I learn a lot.

1. Women like to talk.
Man, it is hard to not talk!  There were times it downright drive me batty!  I have witty things to share, you know.

2. My kids totally took advantage of me/ helped me out
I really sat here feeling terrible for my older kids.  They had to turn into MOM while the little ones took my muteness as a sign for them to go wild.
"Stop hitting him!"  "Don't eat your boogers!"  "Mom can't talk, remember???"

3. To offer it up.
I have plenty to offer this up for...

4. I have learned just how thankful I am for Signing Time.
What would I do without the hours of Signing Time that taught me so much, forget the kids, I need this stuff!  Actually thinking I ought to take a course, sigh.

5. Jut how great a Chiropractor can be.
I have been really lucky in finding such an incredible chiropractor.  He and my wonderful therapy masseuse are so good to me.  Oh goodness, I have learned in the last year after my back and now this just how important having a good chiropractor in my contacts can be.

6. That the rosary is a great way to relax.
I knew that, but I needed the reminder.  A friend emailed me (since I couldn't talk to her on the phone) and told me to make sure I get lots of rest.  She said, to take my rosary, lay down, and pray.  It is ok if I don't finish it... just pray and rest.

7. Men do not like having to schedule appointments.
Something else I knew, but boy, did I get a reminder.  A bunch of stuff came up and I haven't been able to take care of it.  Hubby always hated having to call banks, make appointments, etc and he has had to do it more than once in the last few days.  He is NOT happy.

8. Being quiet is necessary.
I come from a long line of verbose people.  We like to talk, we have a lot to say... and we tend to be loud.  I try not to be, but it is so deep into my genetics it is hard to control (must be the Viking and Russians back there).  Anyway, peace is so hard to find in this world.  And by just being quiet and actually listening to the world, everything not just what others are saying, you can become more aware of yourself.  I can see why people take silent retreats.  It really does help one to become more aware of life.  That being said, however, I think I would get more out of it without the pain.

So there you have it.  8 things I learned while shutting up.  I still have to admit, I am over this and would like to be able to actually communicate normally.  I am making up signs and people seem to get it, but really, words are a precious gift.  Sorry, this was far more whiny then I intended... maybe it is a good thing I can't talk after all!

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