Thursday, August 4, 2011

Death to Cursive and Something More...

We have been so busy this week, starting school and selling books, that I feel I have neglected you.  To make up for my uncommunativeness (Hmm, is that a word?  Spellcheck doesn't think so), I will share some  things with you that I saw this week that made me laugh so hard I cried or came very dern close.

Death to Cursive!
Why you should follow through?  Here is a snip-it:
"Schools no longer teach elephant hunting, so why should they also teach cursive?"

The other day while my family was watching TV, I don't even remember what we were watching so that goes to show you how much I looooove TV, I saw this on Pinterest.

Ok, this totally made me laugh so hard I cried.  Sigh...

So expect a really cool post next week about our adventures on the homeschool front!

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