Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back Again

You will never guess where I am right now...

IMG_4200Ok, maybe you did.  Yes, I am at the hospital.  Not for me.  Not for Daisy.  For Bear.

Poor guy has had some weird stomach thing going on for days and he seemed to be getting better but then yesterday he got worse (I took him to the doctor) and today even worse (took him back again).  He got so dehydrated that they couldn't even get the IV in him, his little veins kept collapsing.

He is sleeping next to me only to be woken up again in about... 1 minute for his 1 ounce of fluids.  Even his blood sugar was low so after giving him some anti nausea meds they added sugar to some apple juice to bring it back up.

They still don't know what caused this, since no one else in our family got sick.  He will have to have more blood tests when he is all better, poor guy.

So there you have it.  Another night in the hospital for me and one of my babies.

I have had enough hospitals... just in case you were wondering.

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