Monday, November 7, 2011

Who Me? Homeschool Blog Awards!

Ok, so knock me over, but someone nominated me for the Homeschool Blog Awards over The HSBA Post in the category Best Homeschool Mom Blog.

This ihas never happened to me before, so I am rather humbled.  Thank you so much!

So if you would be so sweet would you mind going over and giving me a little vote?

click me to vote!
ALSO, I have been so busy, it is scary how busy, so I haven't been able to do anything, including the final post for Homeschooling with Tots.  The hope is today... keep your fingers crossed for me.  I also realized that I never posted my F week post!  I realized this as I was finishing up my G week post.

In other words, if I can pull it off, this week might have some good posts...

I am more than thrilled by such a gesture.  
THANK YOU for nominating me!

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