Sunday, February 26, 2012

(FREE Pattern!) Giant Cables Gloves!! :)

Giant Cables Fingerless Gloves
Size 13 straight needles (you can use circulars if you like)
Ella Rae Mega, or any other super bulky weight yarn
Cable needle (or DPN)
Yarn needle

Gloves: (make 2)

CO 20 

R1: *K4, p1* across

R2: *K1, p4* across

Repeat R1-2 twice more

Next Row: *CF4, p1* across
Repeat R2
Repeat R1-2 twice

Repeat last 6 rows until you have 8 inches (for me, it was 2 more times)

Repeat cable row once more.
Repeat R2 once.
BO all sts

Sew up the seam, leaving approx. 1 inch gap for thumb.

Voila! A pair of new awesome gloves within 2 or 3 hours! :)


  1. how many oz of yarn? these are really lovely.

  2. I would think about 20-30 yards. I'm not sure the oz. though, sorry!

  3. Just wondering, after you do your cable row, and then you repeat r2, is this r2 from the first set of stitches? *k1,p4*?

    so it looks like ...
    cable row
    k1,p4 (r2)
    k4,p1 (r1)
    k1,p4 (r2)
    k4,p1 (r1)
    k1,p4 (r2)

    and continue for 8 inches? thanks!


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