Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remember Me? And a Happy Birthday Lily!

My it has been longer than I thought since I posted here.  I actually, right now, should be going over the kids poetry recitation, but I had to look up a recipe for Lily's 15th birthday cake.  I can't believe she is 15.  Where has the time gone?

I said she looked very hipster, she informed me that hipster is too mainstream.
Mainstream is so not cool.

Lily asked for a strawberry whip cream thing for her birthday cake but I couldn't find the recipe.  I think she has forgiven me and I will instead make her a yellow cake with cream cheese frosting (unless I can talk her into this frosting).  I have been trying to watch what I eat lately, but boy it has not been easy!  We have been so sick lately, even Tiger was in the hospital for a few days.  Then homeschooling, newborn, eight kids... my life is a big blur lately!  So cake it is.  I will be good someday but when you live in a house with 11 people and they all have birthdays to celebrate, well, we eat a lot of cake around here.

Back to my 15 year old baby, because, let's face it, she will always be my baby.  Her birth seemed so easy and relaxing, really.  It was afterwards that we were in for a hard few weeks.  She was literally torn from my breast by the medical staff at the military hospital we were born at because they said she was breathing to fast.  being young and naive I barely questioned this.  She was given a spinal tap and all sorts of tests.  We could not even hold her.

Daisy, Rose, and Lily

If any of you know anything about military doctors (and this of course is solely my experience), they don't have the best bedside manner.  I literally thought my baby was going to die.

She of course was fine.  Born at 9 lbs, 5 oz, all her tests came back fine.  She was the biggest baby in the NICU and it was so sad to see her next to all those sweet tiny preemies.  You could hear her crying as you walked down the hall to the NICU!

I refused to leave the hospital without her and they stuck me in a room in an empty wing.  But two weeks later I brought her home.  Exhausted physically and mentally.

Today she is am amazing artist, her photography is amazing.  She blogs, she cooks, she knits...  She stole my camera.

So happy birthday Lily!  I thank God for you every day... whether you believe it or not!

Oh and I will try to be better about blogging!

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