Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I really didn't plan on taking a five month break.  In fact, I couldn't believe it when I looked back on here and realized it had been so long!  Life just got a little crazy!  

But I did miss reading everyone's blogs and sharing all that is going on with us.

Well, if you don't know... I had a baby.  

A beautiful little amazing boy!  Our little Tiger. 

Poor little man has been sick most of his life.  Isn't that horrid?  He developed RSV and had to be hospitalized, luckily is was only about 36 hours. And he is doing much better now.

 Then we caught another cold, and another, and another.
So my poor little man has had a rough start.

 Everyone just adores him.  
Sigh, his smiles are worth... oh so much!  He is just priceless.

 And, yes, I am a bit biased.

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