Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Update on Daisy

So I was sitting here thinking how I probably haven't updated you guys on Daisy's ASD in a loooong time.  So I thought I would pop in here and let you know how she is doing.

Right now she is blowing drying Rogue's t-shirt because he got it wet washing his hands.  Always an adventure around here.  She has been doing amazing.  Since her heart surgery last September she has become a voracious reader.  I can remember this time last year fearing she would never read a book willingly in all her life.  Now we actually had to make a rule that she is not allowed to read till her chores are done!  She is getting ready for her flute recital in June, playing Danny Boy (one of my favorites... my daddy used to sing it to me when I was little) and all sorts of beautiful music.  She has hiked up a mountain twice since September too!

She had to have another echocardiogram awhile back because of dizzy spells.  The dizzy spells were more about a young lady growing than anything to do with her heart.  Her heart looked beautiful.  She hated the echo, as you can imagine, but the patch looked great.  We do have to schedule her for another one soon with someone from the children's hospital but luckily we will not have to travel far for it as they come down here often.

Today I looked back at the posts about my Daisy and I am overwhelmed by the memories.  There is nothing like seeing your twelve year old baby in pain and you are powerless to do anything about it.  There is nothing like the amazing joy you feel seeing her heal so quickly.  Knowing how many people had been praying for us and sending their love with us was so tangible and beautiful.

I think back to those days and how walking those halls and seeing so many children and families, I was struck by how many children were there.  I was overcome.  So many people every day face the struggles of illness in their children.  It is not something I would wish on anyone.  So my prayers are often with all those families.

I don't think I could ever thank you all enough, even 8 months later I am so in awe of all the help you guys bestowed on us!

So Daisy is still doing beautifully.  She is now thirteen and growing, thriving, and amazing!

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