Monday, May 28, 2012

He is Home!!!

My brother and his son 
Today is a very happy day for my family.  Well actually it was Friday, but the joy is still overflowing.  Friday my nephew came home from Afghanistan.  

My nieces and nephew
It was poetic that our hero should come home this Memorial Day weekend.  And it sends a clear reminder of how grateful my family and I are for all who serve and their families who help support them and love them.  

Andrew and his mom, my beautiful sister (in-law)
Today we will visit the graves of those family members we have lost.  Traveling all over the valley to visit even the graves of my great grandparents.  I am reminded on this day how much I miss those I have lost but how they are still smiling down on us.   Especially to see our boy home!

Welcome home Andrew!  Thank you and all who serve.  


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