Saturday, May 26, 2012

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SighI have been wondering about blogging lately.  I know I find a lot of inspiration from blogs, but not those commercial blogs.  You know what I mean.  The impersonal ones that are just trying to sell you something.  There are so many now.  Or so it seems to me.  It is rather discouraging.  I mean, after all, what can I offer in the face of these big faceless blogs.

But you see, when I started blogging, a million years ago as Another Catholic Mom, blogging was truly different.  I wish I still had that blog.  How many memories!  You see back then, people actually left comments on other people's blogs when they stopped by.  It was like having a friend over for tea.  I actually felt guilty for not leaving a comment. You wanted to know people came by, just like they wanted to know you came to visit too.

Blogging used to be a way to get to know other people who were doing the same things you were.  I felt so ecstatic back in the day to know that there were other moms like me in the world.  That other moms liked to knit.  That there were other Catholic moms.  Moms who homeschooled.  Moms who were filled with faith and love for God.  It was so refreshing!  All day long we are bombarded by media telling us that we should be like such and such a star or it was as if you didn't even exist.

But blogging?  Blogging became a way to discover that you were not alone.  Not everyone wants to be Lady Gaga, or, thank the Good and Mighty Lord in Heaven, even know who she is!  And you know what... it was ok!

There was a camaraderie in blogging that I don't think exists anymore, well, not on the scale it used to.  Sure we are all busy.  A lot of people who probably come by my blog are like me.  You have a lot of kids and you are trying to homeschool them too.  It is probably hard to find a moment to look at someone else's blog let along leave a comment.

I think there is more to it than that.  There is this thing now that took over.  It made social media so easy.  Instead of comments all you have to do is click a button to express a feelings of approval.  You know what I am talking about... Facebook.  Believe me, I like Facebook.  Because not everyone blogs.  My brother doesn't, so it is nice to get online and see that picture of him with my nephew and appreciate how much they look alike.  And you better believe I "liked" that picture.  I LOVED that picture.

My 3 year old watching the eclipse through dad's welding helmet.
Bear watching the eclipse on May 20, 2012, through dad's welding helmet
But, Jessica and I were talking about this the other day.  It seems that perhaps Facebook made us lazy.  Why leave a comment when flipping through blogs?  You can just like it on Facebook, if even that.

So the questions is, is blogging over?

I hope not.  I mean, after all, it was so wonderful to know there were people out there like me.  It was wonderful to know that in Colorado there was another mom who had a passel of kids, homeschooled, and knit!  Or another mom who liked crochet, homeschooled, and unlike me made cool drawings that my kids love!  And this mom who also cloth diapers (as I do on occasion, lol), who knits, and who sews cool things!  Just to name a few.  I found that blogging helped me do more fun things with my kids because of all the inspiration.

Oh, but now there is Pinterest and all I have to do is pin it and maybe I will do it later.  And there is Facebook and all I have to do it "like" something and not even leave a comment.

That feeling of camaraderie is leaving.  It is wasting away.  Suddenly it is me and my numerous pin boards and "likes" on Facebook.

So, here is the deal.  I am going to try to do better.  I am going to make an effort to leave more comments.  And maybe I will try and stop visiting Facebook and Pinterest so much.  Even if all I can get is one afternoon once a week.

I guess I am waxing nostalgic.  Those good old days, are they gone?  Is blogging over?

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