Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wildlife Images

This last Friday we were lucky enough to head out to a great wildlife park here in southern oregon.  Wildlife Images is a place where they help rehabilitate animals who have been injured or take in wild animals that people foolishly thought would make good pets.

The last time I had gone, Rose was only in first or second grade, so it had been awhile.  We will not wait so long next time!  They had all sorts of animals and an amazing assortment of birds.

As I have mentioned earlier Lily has stolen my camera.  I am no longer the one toting it around and taking photos at events, but that works out well since I have a baby to tote around instead.  So all the pictures are ones she took.

Some of the animals were even stars...  One of the eagles was in a cell phone ad.  Not sure if he is the one above, but being so magestic and posing for the camera and all, it just might be.  And the otter above was last filmed in Evan Almighty.  She played both otter roles.

Yup, that's me... petting a wolf.  I am cool like that.

The best part?  Well, I loved the bears and the wolves.  They were my favorite.  Getting to go along the tour with Jessica and her family was super great!  AND I got to pet a wolf.  I feel so dangerous now.

For more photos from our trip to Wildlife Images check out my daughter's blog: 

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