Monday, June 11, 2012



Sweet Pea is very attached to her pacifer, or was we call it her binky.  I am afraid the time is coming where she is going to need to be weaned from her best friend.  I always wonder if I make the right choice in using a pacifier.  All I know is I had one thumb sucker and that was such a hard habit to break and so terrible, that a pacifier was a better alternative.


I just hate weaning them off the binky.  Sigh.


Hopefully Tiger will not be as attached.  As it is, right now, he refuses to use one.  It is a very rare thing for him to take a pacifier at all.


Sweet pea, though?  That is another story.  It also doesn't help that there are binkies hidden all over this house.  I think I might have to break it down to two binkies only, then only at nap and bedtime... 

and then... 

IMG_1293 copy


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