Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Buncom Day 2012

Every year we head out to a tiny "ghost town" for Buncom Days.  It really is fun and super silly.  There is a chicken "splat" bingo game, where you can try and guess where the chicken will splat, polliwog adoption, and more.  You can buy things in the little market and visit the library (which is really a selection of used books you can buy).

Every year they are so wonderful to the kids.  They get all sorts of free gifts.  This year they got hats they got to draw on and free books.  They even got a little toy, which unfortunately, now resides on the top of the fridge since it caused a few fights, lol.  It officially became something to look at.

We always seem to miss the parade but there are usually some really cool cars still out to look at and once in awhile they will even let you sit in one.

I think the best part, for the kids, was getting to ride a pony.  Buttercup truly appreciated the glitter in her mane.  For the big people?  I really appreciated talking with the local farmers and learning more about buying local grass fed beef!

It is nothing particularly fancy, but we always have so much fun just going and enjoying the day.

Buncom Day 2012
I just have to show you the picture from just one year ago...

Buncome Day 2011

Sigh, they grow so fast.

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