Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Diet Changes and the Big Mean Gluten Monster

4 months old!
Gluten free?  Sounds scary!
Ah food.  We are all kind of dieting around here and seeing what we can do to be more healthy.  For me, since I am nursing, it is more a matter of eating healthy and being healthy, then dieting.  I have cut out almost all refined sugars (except that one small mocha frappachino the other day, sigh).  That has been a hard one but we are getting there.  I used to think, oh we will cut it out except for birthdays and such, but when there are 11 birthdays a year as well as holidays, that plan doesn't work so well.  So I am thinking I might need to get more creative in the healthy desert department.  Luckily Rose has been perfecting gluten free brownie and cookie recipes!  maybe I can convince her to let me share them with you sometime soon.

I am also thinking there might be some gluten intolerance in my family, especially with Lily and Sweet Pea.  Lily started the 17 Day Diet awhile back and lost a ton of weight.  The first stage of the diet she was without grains at all.  She said though, when she started to introduce them back in she was getting headaches.  So we are cutting them again and watching.  Sweet Pea has always struggled with tummy issues and has been funny about breads and grains.  So I am going to cut gluten from her diet and watch her for a few weeks to see if anything improves.

This lead me to a very frustrated conclusion... There is hardly any breakfast food, save eggs, that is not gluten free.  Well, poo.  So I started a search.  This isn't easy when you have 8 kids, all who either want the computer or nurse or want a banana or ...

But I found this really cool site!  It is a Paleo recipe site.  We are not Paleo, maybe a little lately since cutting gluten a lot.  It was such a wealth of info, I figured I would share it with you.  Paleo Plan: Paleo Recipes.

I am going to be on the lookout for more sites, but do any of you have some favorite recipes for healthier living?  Gluten free goodness?

Well, I better stop talking about eating healthy and go make some breakfast!

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