Friday, June 8, 2012

Our School Year 2012

So, many of you have probably seen these about and I am totally jumping on the bandwagon because they are so AWESOME.  

So here you go, our School Year 2012.

Mom, you can't use that one, my hair is in my mouth...

I thought for sure she would say her favorite subject was photography.  As you can see here, Lily is telling me how to use my own camera.

Hmm, I could have sworn the hardest thing she did this year was open heart surgery, but I guess it was math.

Such a diplomat... Really mom, I like everything!

Such a Buttercup face... She was really wondering if I would ever stop taking her picture.  She had much better things to do!

I could not leave the little ones out.  Bear had a lot of favorite things... Getting his picture taken was not one of them.

Look out!  She is gonna get you!

Squishy face, sigh, so sweet.

And just to be even more silly...

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