Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Thoughts, Some of Which Include Homeschooling

So I feel bad.  I was really good about coming up with posts for last week.  I even had them all lined up, pretty like.  But I got so busy last week I have had no time.  And Lily went and uploaded all my photos on her account, so I have nothing to show you but this adorable instagram photo...


It is getting harder and harder to catch photos of Tiger now that he is so mobile.  Everything is blurry!  I can't even get Sweet Pea anymore as she is trying to see the other side of the camera.  Maybe she will end up just like Lily, always behind the camera.

I am really amazed as I watch my older kids grow and where their talents are leading them.  I become so overwhelmed with gratitude that we have been able to homeschool.  There have been a lot of sacrifices, some very painful, in order to be able to keep homeschooling but they have been all so worth it.  I have watched my children grow together, pursue their interests, grow into confident young people who have no concerns about "fitting in."  I wish I could have been half so aware of self at their ages!

So as we head into another week of homeschooling, it is feeling good.  High tide is in full swing and there is talk of nature hikes and tea in the afternoon again.  Oh, and as of this morning... I have offically lost 30 pounds.

Life is good.

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