Monday, September 17, 2012

Ride the Rogue 2012


I think I might have been absolutely crazy to think I could do it...

But I did.

25 miles, a few tears (I will just say it was sweat), and an asthma attack later, I rode the Rogue and lived to tell about it.

Ride the Rogue 2010
I have been wanting to do Ride the Rogue for almost three years.  They didn't do it last year, but I would have been in the third trimester with Tiger anyway.  The year before that I was a new mom again with a one month old.  Back in 2010, Rose and Hubby went while I hung out in the car with the baby and Lily.

Sweet Pea while we waited in the car for Rose and Hubby back in 2010
I almost didn't go this year, since I do still have a baby.  I was truly worried about leaving him that long and didn't think he was quite old enough to come along, yet.  But Tiger was very good while I was gone... which is more than I can say for some of the other little ones that didn't like being left behind.

Two weeks ago, Hubby took me on my first big ride in... well, probably since I was a kid.... no wait... EVER.  We rode 20 miles down our local bike path.  It was amazing.  There was no truly bad hills and if there was, we were always well rewarded with a good down hill.

Then last week we rode about 10 miles to a local tourist spot here in southern Oregon.  Hubby wanted me to try and ride in traffic.  That was more of a challenge as it was almost all uphill the way there.  And the traffic?  It was the city wide garage sale that day.  And I survived!  We stopped at a great little coffee shop and then the way home was like sailing.  I was singing, it was so lovely.

Before the ride
I was worried about today and I had good reason to be!!  The hills on this thing were evil.  I have mild asthma and one "hill" got me. It was, in my opinon a steadyly sloping mountain from you know where.   I had to stop and try to breathe!  I, of course, did not bring my inhaler.  But just a bit more up the road there was an amazing downhill that made up for all of it.  I was able to catch my breath again and sail into Rogue River.  Once I hit the town, I realized how close I was to finished and it really lightened me up and helped me push to the finish.  When that asthma attack hit I thought I was done for.

I was very, very slow.  I can't even tell you how many people passed me or how many times I heard, "Passing on your left!"  It really bummed me at first.  Hubby kept reminding me, however, that they were all on road bikes, that the bike I was riding was twice as heavy as their's, and this was only the third time I had ever ridden any distance.

Halfway!  Woosh! Thank you to the guy that rose my handlebars!
He rode behind me on that last leg cheering me on and pushing me through the hard parts.  It really was  just what I needed!  And Rose was amazing!  It must have been so hard for them to go so slow tagging along with me!!

All I know is, that I may not have been fast, but I didn't come in last!  I know at least two beloved people were behind me, supporting me the whole way!

DONE!  Let's eat!
So, look out next year!  I am going to kill it in 2013!


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