Monday, October 29, 2012

Thinking About a Homemade Christmas

Just like a lot of people, I am thinking about how can I make Christmas cheap, yet glorious.  So of course I am thinking about making toys, goodies and other things for family and friends.

One of the hard things about making things for other people (other than finding time!!) is some people don't always appreciate the work you put into making gifts.  But you know what?  Throw concerns to the wind.  Don't let the potential of a weird smile and an awkward, "thank you," stop you from possibly giving someone something they love more than anything!  There are always those that are perhaps a bit materialistic, but there are also those who will look at the handmade gift you made with so much love and appreciation because they do understand the work and love you put into it.

A few years ago I did go all out and made a completely homemade Christmas.  I did not give myself enough time and it did almost kill me!  So, try and think realistically!  If you are concerned about not enough time, make the gifts simple.  If you have only a few people to make things for, than go for it!  Make all manner of things.

So some ideas?

Well, of course, you know I am going to suggest if you knit of crochet check out my design blog: Knit Together Designs.  Lots of cool things there, if I do say so myself.  *smile*  Also, I am hoping to be working on some new dolls this season.  So stay tuned in the next few months.

© The HatandI
If you have a Ravelry account, be sure to do some browsing.  Here are some patterns that caught my attention:
  • The Lizzie (FREE slippers)
  • Owl Tote'em (I LOVE this!)
  • Hook Candy ( I will be making some of their patterns!  I love their shoes, but check out the steering wheel covers!)
  • Grandma's English Cushion (You know you need a crochet Union Jack)
  • A baby stacker!
  • How about some granny square potholders?  You can get some heat resistant fabric and sew two granny squares!


What about sewing?  Good with a machine?  Check these out:

© Little Deer Tracks
If you are thinking of embroidery, I highly recommend this book: Doodle Stitching.  Aimee Ray has 400 patterns in the book.  Also check out Alicia Paulson's blog Posie Gets Cozy and her book: Embroidery Companion.  Alicia is an amazing crafter and you will find tons of inspiration on her blog! 

Here's wishing you a Happy Homemade Christmas!!


  1. Thanks for all of the links, Amy! I'll have some fun clicking around. I love the idea of a completely homemade Christmas, but it's probably unrealistic for this year seeing as I'm starting so late. How do you work on your gift without the family finding out or seeing you? I want to make my kids socks for St. Nicholas' feast day to fill with goodies (instead of the slippers) and I'm not sure how I'll be able to keep them from seeing it.

    1. But that is the beauty of it! You don't have to do a complete handmade Chistmas. Just one handmade gift in your immediate family would work!
      As for them not seeing it... well, that is a challenge. With the dolls, I always do the finishing touches when they are alseep. Or I tell them it is for someone else. That works with most gifts.

    2. Okay, thanks for the encouragement. Night time knitting will probably be my best bet. Maybe I'll be able to sneek in some project time waiting for and driving to my OB appts. Wishful thinking. ;)


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