Monday, November 26, 2012


Today is a very special day.  Nine years ago a wonderful young man came into our lives.  Our first boy!

Look at those cheeks!

It seems like just yesterday, when he was so little...

Now look at him!

What is it about nine year old boys?  They can't make a serious face when the camera is pointed at them?

Oh, well, hmmm, look at Buttercup passing out Rogue's gifts.  I guess six year old girls do it too.  In fact, I can recall my father sighing exasperated with me a few times about their age while trying to take my picture.  There is one in particular I can recall with my poor Uncle Ralph.  He looking so sweet and pleased to be with me and my tongue hanging out and my eyes crossed.

Anyway, Rogue seemed pleased with his birthday loot.  Orange is his color du jour, so he was rather pleased with his orange shirt.

Some people weren't sure about sharing the attention.  See her, over there?

Ah, don't worry.  A few moments in front of the nativity, talking about the pretty colors and she was back to smiles.

The ball Rose got Rogue was a big hit.  We were surprised at the crowd though that was playing with it.  I have been voiceless for about three days, so it has been a bit hard to assert my authority about the house.  But, I did let the ball play indoors go on longer than I should have.  You can imagine how well it ended.  It has been declared an outside toy.  Ah, but those few sweet moments where they wrestled and rolled and squealed were ever so sweet... for them.  

So, further proof of my ineptitude... For the last few birthdays I keep forgetting to buy candles.  This time I have an excuse, as six of the kids are all on antibiotics and I am not far behind them.  So we pulled out what we had.  Rose and I figured the six and three would work.  After all 6 + 3 = 9.  Yeah, that is right.  We are a homeschooling family, learning all the time!

Nine.  Wow.  I can't believe my boy is nine.  This time next year he will be a whole decade old.  He really is such a blessing.  Always ready to help, ready for anything!  He makes us all so proud.

Happy Birthday Rogue!

Hopefully next year we will all be healthier!!

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