Thursday, November 8, 2012

Working it Out ~ Exercise

I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been doing for exercise!  I used to hate exercise.  I actually got in trouble in middle school for holding a minor revolution in PE class because I refused to play dodge ball.  Yes, in the 8th grade I almost flunked PE.

Now, however, I have come to love it.  I think the key to this is that I can do things I know I am good at and I like.  I am not a very coordinated person.  That is a bit of an understatement, really.  So organized sports never came easy for me.  You mean I have to run, look at a ball, and kick it all the same time?  ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?

So, it was amazing for me in high school to discover I liked weight lifting.  I am not at all interested in becoming a body builder, believe you me!  But I do enjoy pumping iron, lol.  It has been amazing this go around since I haven't done weight training since I was 17!  So to be strong again is an amazing feeling!

More than weight training, however, I have discovered cycling.  You may have noticed me talking about it here and here.  If you follow me on Pinterest you may have seen my "Let's Go Ride a Bike" board.  Or maybe you have seen my t-shirt...

Yeah, I love it.  And lucky for me Tony is a good bike mechanic.  I am not sure I would like that part, so much.  I have been trying to keep track of my cycling on Endomundo.  I rode 130 miles in September!  But only about 68 in October.  So I need to get back on the ball.  Things got super busy with school and activities.

I was talking Jessica the other day about working out and trying to find time and the guilt that goes along with it because of time away.  Believe me, I do feel guilty.  Right before and quite often when I come home.  During, however, I feel great.  I know I am doing something amazing - something that will make me a healthier mom.  A mom that will love longer.  When I started this journey I used every excuse in the book not to eat healthy and work out.  All it did for me was making me miserable and pre-diabetic.  In fact, I probably was diabetic and we are almost positive Tony was.  So feeling guilty is not an option.  It happens, I won't lie, but at the end of the day I know I am doing something so vitally important that not only will I benefit from it but my whole family!

One other thing I do is a short series of exercises in the morning.  I don't usually do them on the weekends but I do these exercises:

© All About Ladies
Since I have a bad back, I do some yoga stretches to help with this.  It is called the cat-cow stretch.  In my yoga class one of our teachers also has us "roar like a lion" when in cow pose which is GREAT for my TMJ.

© Women's Health
I then move into child pose.  This really loosens up my back and hips, which helps me throughout the day.


Then, I move into plank.  I do a plank for a count of 60.  I would like to say this is a minute, but someday I count faster than others, lol.  As you can see from the picture this is an excellent pose for praying for God to help you stay up.  *smile*

Next I do 50 crunches.  I can't find a link to what I do... There are so many different kinds I guess and trying to do an image search of this was NOT a good idea.  I probably shouldn't even tell you that.  Don't search it.  Anyway, I lay on my back and each crunch I touch my elbow to my opposite knee, extending out the other leg straight.  I hope that helps.  Don't search it!

50 reverse crunches with my feet up and then 50 more with my feet down.

© - This website in particular is super good!
Click through and see her workout.  
The a wall sit for a count of 60.

© Violet Sage: Lazy Girl Fitness -
Go check this one out too!
Great resource!
Last, while brushing my teeth I do some leg lifts!  No that is not me, sigh.  But it is where I got the idea.  I do 16-20 with feet straight, 16-20 with heels together, and 16 (because these kill me!) with toes together.

So that is it!!  Get out and get moving.  I have to tell you one thing... I have been trying to go to a yoga class at the YMCA once a week.  And in that class was a woman pregnant with twins!  She is amazing!  But if all you can do it some calf exercises while brushing your teeth, than go for it!  You will feel better and you will also come to see that you will be able to get through your daily activities easier too!  I realized this one day when pulling my two year old out of a kid swing at the park and almost tossed her over my head.  Suddenly I had arm muscles I didn't know I could have used!

But the most important thing is to find something you like.  If you hate it, it will be hard to talk yourself into doing it.  I know I like the idea of running, but every time I try and feel like I would rather be licking the floor of the gym.  So running is not for me.  Maybe someday, but not now.  Don't beat yourself up about it either.  Find something you love and DO IT!  And that goes with most things in life.  Embrace your God given talents.  Don't worry about what the person next to you in the gym is doing or what someone else is doing anywhere, do what you do best and never compare yourself.  You will succeed and you will be awesome!  No wait, I take that back.


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