Saturday, December 22, 2012

Post-Christmas Crafting Plans

So glad to see we all survived the apocalypse.  Now down to the serious business of knitting....

Call me crazy, but I am already thinking about my after Christmas Day crafting... I know, I know.  I am also stressing the Christmas Day part since a friend informed me that my Christmas cards will not be late as Christmas is not just one day, it lasts for 12 days, and I need to own my Catholic-ness, pick up my cards today and send them out... proud and unashamed!

I have a confession to make.  My Ravelry queue is 144 patterns long. Please, tell me that I am not the only one?  Tell me mine is actually a modest length and you scoff at my measly 144.  There are a ton of things out there I add that I would love to make.  I may never make it, but I would love to!  And then there are some I am dying to make!

January holds a 1st birthday for us, so there are plans for a milo (here is the link to one I made) and another hat (because all babies looooove hats) as well as a birthday crown for Tiger.

© Allegra Wermuth

As soon as I finish Rogue's Campfire sweater I am planning on making two Boheme sweaters for the girls.  Lily might help me with one of them.  And I need to make poor Buttercup another sweater as her Tiny Tea Leaves was put through the washing machine.  She was very sad and came out asking if I would make her another as I was frantically whittling on some Christmas hats and looking off to the side to see Rogue's Campfire waiting to be done.  I promised soon... soon... Maybe I ought to make one before the Boheme.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you a few patterns I am really wanting to make.  Not just queue love, but things I truly am planning on making.

© Karen Borrel
 For Tiger: Leaves or Not.  Oh goodness, this sweater is cute!  It has elbow patches people.  ELBOW PATCHES!

©Tin Can Knits

 For Sweet Pea: i heart rainbows.  I wish they made this pattern big enough for Buttercup too.  This would be so sweet matching between a big sister and a little sister!  I will, of course, have to make the hat, too.  This pattern is by Tin Can Knits, which I have to admit is probably my favorite set of designers ever.  There patterns are worth every penny.  I have loved every pattern I have made by them and I have made quite a few.  I admit, I am a fan girl... big time.

© Tin Can Knits

For Bear: Another Campfire!  I think I might make another for Tiger too.  Wouldn't that be cute??

© Marken of the Hat and I
For Buttercup: Owl Tote'em.  I had wanted to make this for her for Christmas, but that was not in the cards.  It has been bumped to her birthday which is in July, so I have time... lol.  I think she will LOVE it!

Photo © Amy Caroline (aka Moi) ~*~ Design: © Tin Can Knits

For Rogue: Another Antler hat.  He would love a matching one to a certain someone.

© Lisa Gutierrez
And for Rose, Lily, and Daisy: I wanted to crochet these Lizzie slippers for Christmas, but I couldn't figure out how to do it without them knowing or making sure I got the right size without making it too obvious!

So that is a little look at my future plans.  Yeah, I must be crazy.  I won't even show you the stuff I have planned for birthdays.  My local yarn shop loves me.  Last time I went in they knew me by name.  Which is good... right?

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