Wednesday, December 5, 2012

yarn along ~ 12/5/12

Joining Ginny for another yarn along this week and it is filled with Christmas projects!!

I thought I would give you a little peek at Edmund there with his flashlight.  The Narnia dolls are almost finished.  They need faces and I still haven't figured out Susan's arrows.  I will also need to make an Aslan, I suppose....

I am also making an Antler Hat and a Who? hat (no not Doctor Who, but owly who).  I need to think of another two hats - at least one.  Yikes.  Can I get all this done before Christmas?  Why did I think I could whip out a few hats...

As for reading, I was lucky enough to win Advent and Christmas With the Saints from Mary at Better Than Eden.  We are going to be working through this book all through the seasons!

I have put aside Learning All The Time by John Holt.  I am going to be dreadfully honest here, but I didn't care for it.  I think he makes it all rather convoluted and difficult.  Reading his chapter on math, especially, I could not help think he was actually making it harder than it has to be.  That is honestly what bothers me about a lot of unschooling philosophy.  This idea that you should let kids do whatever they want while you are struggling the whole time to create something without looking like you are trying to create something.  Honestly I think it is more work for the parent to subversively try to teach your children the things they need to know.  We all need structure to our days, some more than others, but structure helps maintain sanity.  Younger children need a foundation.  I see no problem with older kids pursuing their interests in education and so should little children as well.  But there needs to be a foundation.

Sorry, rambling... and you thought this was a knitting post, silly.


  1. Sorry had to type this up fast as the kids all woke up and I didn't want them to see the picture! lol

  2. your wee little guy looks great. i can't wait to see them all finish.
    i have to say i agree with you on the unschooling front. although i agree with so much of it, i do believe that some structure, a foundation isn't a bad thing. it gives children a jumping off point which isn't a bad thing. ;)

  3. Hat ideas: I recently made a tree frog- green base, large red eyes, earflaps with orange and yellow tassels to look like feet. I've seen some cute cupcake hats too.
    But the owl is definitely one of my favorites!! So simple and cute :)


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