Wednesday, December 12, 2012

yarn along ~ Decmeber 12, 2012

The days are slipping past as we move closer and closer to Christmas day.  About a week and a half ago I had a stupid and ridiculous thought.  I could make hats for everyone...  Hmm, hope my kids don't read this...

Anyway, in the last week and half I have been making hats like a mad woman.  I have made 5 hats and have 4 or 5 more to go.  These are the hats I have made:

Antler (you can see me modeling this looking very deep and pensive)
Bon Bon Toque
And two crochet hats I made up for the little girls with big roses on them.

I am trying to figure out which ones I will do now... My current project is the Tofino surfer, knit in a bulky yarn.  I am hoping it will knit up pretty quick.  So far so good.

I played with the editing a bit so you could see the cabling better... but I think it might look weird, lol.  It is early here, so I am going with it.
The next ones I am thinking about are this Foliage hat and the Star Crossed.  I am going to crochet up a hat for Tiger which I will show you later.  I have plans brewing up in the noggin but I have to go get the yarn for it.  I am thinking something superwash since last week two of my hand-knits got put in the washing machine.  Not by me.  Believe me, I forgive the person (who will remain nameless) but there were quite a few tears on my part and a sad little Buttercup asking for a new sweater.

Sometime in January I will make her another one.

As for reading I am still working on all the same books.  Just knitting every free chance I get.  By Christmas my fingers are going to be so strong they could take down the Hulk.

So what are you up to?  Still knitting Christmas gifts?

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