Monday, January 7, 2013

Buttercup's First Knit

So a few months ago Buttercup expressed a desire to learn to knit.  I cast on for her with the idea she could make a headband ( I got the idea from Ginny at Small Things).  I helped her diligently for the first few rows before I realized I wasn't helping.  At first she enjoyed sitting on my lap as I knit with her hands beneath mine but then she was ready to go on her own.

So today while we were listening to Cherry Jones read to us from The Banks of Plum Creek,  I took Buttercup's fabulously wonky headband and cast off for her.  She picked out a hot pink button and I sewed it on.

We put on our slippers and ran out into the cold rainy morning and I took pictures of her amazing creation and reveled in her proud smile.  It is not perfect but it is so beautiful, made with love and care with her small six year old hands.  Someday she may not treasure it as she does today in this moment, but I always will.  


  1. She did a great job! So cute!

  2. She did really well! Faith has been wanting to learn to knit, I like this as a first project, thank you for sharing!

  3. It looks great! How many did you cast on? This would be a great project for both of my girls to try out.

  4. Great job!!

    My daughter just finished a scarf (a short one) on a knitting loom...I'll have to take pictures of it--she just finished yesterday and is gone all day for play practice!


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